Autonomous AI Powered by Cortica

Backed by more than 200 patents, Cortica’s Autonomous AI understands the visual world on a human level - significantly exceeding the capabilities of the industry. Mimicking the natural biological processes of perception and learning is the core of this Autonomous AI.


Cartica utilizes Cortica’s Autonomous AI technology to power its suite of solutions and products. This groundbreaking artificial intelligence is based upon biological research into how the mammal cortex learns and interprets information.

Cortica’s Autonomous AI was borne out of research at the Technion Institute of Technology in Israel. This initial extensive research project analyzed how signals travel across the networks within physical cortical brain tissue. The early breakthroughs that came of this research coupled with over 14 years of research and development have lead to the next generation of AI technology - Autonomous AI.

Pillars of Autonomous AI

To power the next generation of intelligent machines, Cortica’s Autonomous AI relies on three core principles to remain lightweight and robust, while also learning with unsupervised and additive methodologies.

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