Cartica provides solutions for the next generation of vehicles and mobility


Cartica’s revolutionary automotive visual intelligence platform is built on the foundation of a mature self-learning technology backed by more than 200 patents. Utilizing robust signature-based representation structures coupled with unsupervised learning methodologies, Cartica’s visual intelligence platform garners a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the vehicle’s environment.

This revolutionary approach is the core of Cartica’s platform areas addressing the complexities and intricacies of autonomous vehicles.

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Platform Capabilities

With Autonomous AI at the center of each solution, Cartica is developing technology for the next generation of intelligent driving. Focusing on a broad range of solutions including advanced driver assistance systems, mobility (L4/L5 autonomy), localization, and more, Cartica is moving the industry forward.

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Cartex 1.0

Cartex 1.0 is driving the next generation of ADAS and AV. Running directly on the Renesas V3H rCar System on Chip (SoC), Cartex is enabling a variety of ADAS solutions.



Cartica utilizes Autonomous AI –revolutionary technology based upon biological research. With over 10 years of research and development, this artificial intelligence is disrupting the automotive market and bringing a completely new AI paradigm to market for safer and more effective autonomous driving.

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