The Cartex 1.0 OPen Platform CDK is enabling the next generation of ADAS

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Based upon underlying Autonomous AI, Cartex 1.0 enables ADAS applications including:

- Automated Emergency Braking
- Adaptive Cruise Control
- Forward Collision Warning
- Predictive Environmental Model

Driving the future of ADAS and AV

This system runs at 30 frames per second on the Renesas rCar-V3H system-on-chip (SoC).
Cartex 1.0 enables forward-facing mono or stereo ADAS cameras with advanced Autonomous AI features. This open development kit (CDK) allows for concept generation, analytics, optimization and testing.

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Crossing the existing technological barriers of safety per watt for ADAS and AV

Cartex 1.0 offers lower consumption that is 10 times lower than the best available solutions on the market

Robust visual perception in all conditions

Cartex 1.0 offers high accuracy in multitude of weather and lighting conditions, distances, angles, occlusions, driving situations. With unsupervised learning capabilities, the open platform programmatically covers the long tail and edge cases.

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Overcoming the main barriers of traditional deep learning perception systems

The Cartex 1.0 CDK enables the customer to generate, improve and test any concept without the need to retrain the network.

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Compressed Signatures

Lightweight, compressed signature files <10KB preserve raw full scene information for constant updates and learning.

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Allows developer to track back to which signature contributed to a specific result

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Add/remove signatures without retraining

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